Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has supported YorCyberSec in 2019. Thanks to the input, feedback and support from our customers, suppliers, friends and family we have had a great year, and hope to continue the growth and success into 2020 and beyond.

2019 has been a big year for YorCyberSec, we started trading in March 2019 and brought on our first customer in April 2019, and a lot has changed in the 9 months to December 2019. We started by trading as a small reseller, but as with all things this has evolved and now, we are proud to say we are a specialist brokerage of Cyber and Information Security services and solutions.

We decided to make this change as while a reseller is similar it doesn’t accurately put forward what we do and why. Traditional resellers use only who they are partnered with and will not always look at the larger market, but we do! That is exactly what we do, and it’s exactly what our customers want. I feel this is one of the main flaws of a reseller and where we come into our own.

We do not rely on one supplier for security awareness training, penetration testing, consultancy, end point protection or security assessments. We look at and carefully take into account the individual needs, requirements and nuances of each company we work with. If while we are looking at the market, we find a solution or service that is the right fit for our customers and we do not currently have a method of offering it, we find a way, whether signing up directly or via a distributor.

As an example of our commitment to seeking the best options for our clients, on a recent project we sat through 7 product demos and over 9 hours of vendor demonstrations. We then put forward the two most viable options to the end customer for them to make their own decision.

In another case, the customer had been lied to and taken for a little bit of a ride by the vendor. The vendor wasn’t honest or didn’t understand the subject matter, and saw a gap in the customer’s knowledge around ISO 27001 and the framework. Luckily, we spoke directly to the client and saved them over 45% on the testing project cost and also managed to bring in an ISO 27001 expert to assist the customer and lead the project, all included within that saving. Happy days!

One of our favourite sayings is, “We are yet to come across an IT team that can say we are overstaffed and underworked, with all the time in the world to do proper market research.” That is where YorCyberSec can assist and at no extra cost to the end customer. As with an insurance broker or an IFA we do not charge the customer but get a fee from the vendor of the final chosen product or service. This doesn’t always work in our favour, we don’t win every time, but we will give honest advice if we cannot beat a prior quote or offering, and what is the harm in looking?

We have a passion for the industry and doing right by our current and potential customers. We have on call experts across the whole industry, and this pool is always growing as we strive to deliver high quality service every time. We only use solutions and services we have been recommended, researched or ideally have experience of. This means on most occasions we are dealing with a known entity to us, and what we say is honest and accurate information. If we are not familiar with the requirements, we will engage experts to ensure the customer always receives the best information possible.

If you would like to talk about any projects related to cyber security, information security, or keeping your licenses compliant, then get in touch. We will always try our best and give honest advice to you even if it means you stick with what you have!