If you are like me it is easier to understand things if they are put into something relatable. This is my interpretation of how an information security project can be like deciding on a meal, and the different stages.

Now it isn’t the perfect analogy but it does explain some of the different steps and how an information security project can be broken down. Like hosting a party, an infosec project can be daunting but making sure you plan can make it less so.

As I alluded to, information security (and cyber security or data protection) projects should be seen as investments too, it is very rare you invest in any program and get nothing from it moving forward. New equipment, extra features, better training, and self-improvement to name a few.

I have taken a few shortcuts, but hopefully, this has been of assistance and given you ‘food for thought’.

Bon appetite!


Link to the slides –  A Meal of Information Security


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