During the beginning of the first lockdown and the start of the pandemic Lee Gilbank, CEO of YorCyberSec came up with a fantastic idea for a new business. A cyber security webshop. Exploiting a gap in the market, it became apparent that there was no single place that people could go to find cyber security companies that they could trust. At that moment, ALLOWLIST was born.

ALLOWLIST’s shop is where you can search, compare, and engage with the leading cyber security companies. This is a vetted, checked, and customer reviewed community of cyber security and data protection companies.

Businesses choose ALLOWLIST to access a world-class pool of cyber security and data protection specialists in seconds. As a result, it accelerates the engagement process and saves money with exclusive ALLOWLIST vendor discounts. The service is free to use, and with no login or credentials required!

With an average of 3,000 web visitors a month and monthly average deals of over £100,000 in new business for vendors, ALLOWLIST has quickly become the place people go for help with cyber security.

We are proud of our Yorkshire heritage and we are proud of what we achieved.