Cyber Secuerity Monitoring and Alerting Budgets

Having the right technology in place can make a massive impact on the performance of an organisation.

Just to note there are NO SILVER BULLETS in cyber security! There are some solutions that offer some great features however, this too is a minefield with vendors too often saying ‘yes we are the right choice for you.’  without ever fully getting to know your requirements.

Here we step in by doing the first stages and market research to find options that will work. This saves you valuable time, budgets, and means you have to deal with fewer salespeople!

Security and Network Monitoring

Being able to see what is happening on your network can be an important factor to understanding and responding promptly. Taking the time to get to know you and your network, gaining knowledge about your resources and capabilities is essential to adopting the correct approach. This can include SIEM, credential exposure or threat protection.

Managed Security and Compliance Services

Managed Services are becoming a popular choice for organisations. They ensure companies are able to maintain a high level of security and network assurance by utilising the skillsets of professionals. Done properly they offer fantastic ROI and reducing the workload of the already strained IT teams.

Software Licensing

Helping you to remain compliant with your licensing whilst saving time and costs, what is not to like. YorCyberSec is able to provide assistance with Microsoft, Adobe, or AWS to name a few. We are a registered CSP and promise to pass on as much of the savings as possible.

End Point Protection

How on earth are you supposed to find the right end point offering? There are some incredible solutions on the market, and depending on who you speak to it is hard to know which is right for you. We have assisted accountants, schools, and global companies all taking differing solutions, as they were the ones that were fit for purpose.