Specially Selected Partners

Incidence Response

We work with a wide selection of carefully sourced vendors, suppliers, and experts. In certain instances, we choose to work with one main specially selected partner. This is based upon skillset, customer satisfaction, and past service delivered.

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RankedRight automates your vulnerability triage based on rules you set

It isn’t always possible to fix every issue and manual triage can take a long time.
So why not automate the process with a rule-based approach?
RankedRight is the platform that allows you to do just that, freeing up resources and expediting remediation.

Custodian360 Partner

Custodian360 managed endpoint security and protection solution.

Custodian360 is a fully managed endpoint security solution for small and medium businesses. Their software solution protects you from malicious intruders, viruses, and ransomware.
Their team of expert analysts is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your commercials data and the uptime of your IT infrastructure.

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