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'If you’re looking for a service provider I can highly recommend Lee as your first port of call.'

Robert P - CISO - 5 Star Google Review April 2022 *****

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Training staff doesn't just protect the company it also protects them. Get in touch to discuss the different options available.

At Yorcybersec our focus is on you the customer, offering a premium service and zero cost.

We help you by simplifying Cyber Security and IT Security as much as possible, dealing with vendors and suppliers for you, at no upfront cost.

By focusing on your requirements, drivers, and your company as a whole, we help you make smarter more trustworthy investments.

We have worked with companies from a one-person photographer based in Yorkshire to FTSE 100 companies, who needed to rollout global security monitoring and security training.

We will always aim to do our best and focus on you the customer. We want to continue working with customers, as such we always aim to deliver the highest quality service we can.

Easy to Understand

You shouldn't need a degree or experience to understand the basics of Cyber and Information Security. We are here to help you when it does get confusing. Being a Cyber Security company based in Leeds we like to keep it straight talking.

Diverse Offerings

Because we don't do the technical elements, we can assist across any project. Testing, Training, Incident Response, Compliance, Regulation, Licensing, or Hardware we can help with any of it.

Customer Confidence

We do the due diligence and checks on the suppliers and vendors we use. We check their credentials and certifications giving you confidence in their abilities.

Free Guidance

We don't charge for our time or service. Like other forms of brokers, we get a commission or referral fee if you use the service we put forward.

We want to find you the right solution or service, we understand that a happy customer comes back and recommends.




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