We have worked on a wide range of projects and service deliveries.


From security testing to compliance and regulations. We have access and have checked some of the industry's highest quality companies and individuals.


We work with over 14 different training providers depending on the requirement. Self-service, semi-managed service, or fully managed service we can help.


There are no silver bullets in cyber security. We have assisted on a variety of technology based projects. SOC, SIEM, Endpoint protection, dark web monitoring, and licensing to cover a few.

Key Services


Our Bread and butter!

We have helped companies of projects from standard pen testing and web app testing, through to helping build bug bounty programs and regulatory testing.

We have access to Crest and CHECK testing is this is a requirement.


Whether you are looking to perform a security audit or you need to meet the latest ISO or PCI standards for you business we can help.

We take the time to understand you and your company to find the options with relevant industry experience, meaning you get more value for money from your investment.


We have worked with and assessed over 16 different security awareness training providers.

We have looked at self service options, semi-managed service options or full managed service.

Do you need video or text based. Do you require multi-lingual or industry specific training. No matter what we can help.


Having worked with a range of companies we have had the fantastic opportunity to learn about some of the latest technologies available.

Remember there are NO Silver Bullets for security!

If you are looking to do a network refresh, compare Firewall vendors or look at secure backup and recovery solutions let us help save you money.

Let's Work Together